Sabtu, April 08, 2006

Keterai Intro

Assalamualaikum.. Good day for everyone !
I like computer. Since I learn about computer, 10 years ago. Computer is a part of my life. To live without computer is no problem to me. In computer skills, I love to play operating system like DOS, Linux, UNIX, FreeBSD and Windows.

When you come to this site, you will not boring, I promise. I don't like to put anything like diary of my past day. You will find something that you can't get in formal learning. That's why my name (nickname) is Keterai Menerai. It's mean try, try and try until find the right solution. Before this my name is Joy The NewHacker (1994), then changed to MindHacker Terminal (1997) and now is Keterai Menerai. If you found error in my grammar, sorry for it. Since my english is 'cangkul' in SPM, because of computer, I learn english everyday.

- EOI- (end of introduction)